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ftwork x Take Note x Collaborative Change: Partner-Up fund

A collaboration between two ftwork initiatives, Take Note and Collaborative Change, Partner-Up is a new funding opportunity for collaborative local arts projects  

Spark Connections, Create Change!

Do you have an idea for an innovative, collaborative arts-for-social-change project working with communities? Do you want to join forces with unlikely allies to amplify your work and maximise your collective potential for social impact? Do you need funding and strategic support to make this project happen?

Collaborative Change and Take Note , both projects incubated by ftwork, are launching the Partner-Up Fund to support and empower impactful arts collaborations for social change. The application window will open on 5th October.

Partner-Up is designed to support arts collaborations for social change, building on creative, collective responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, and inviting organisations to be part of the movement in new joined-up ways. Groups of organisations with a shared idea for an arts-for-social-change project will be invited to apply for funding of up to £30,000 per project. More information can be found here.  

Alongside the funding, successful groups will also receive Take Note’s programme of partnership support, with access to tools and resources which help structure and strengthen the impact of your collaboration. 

Why are we working together? 

  • ftwork galvanises new ways of working to bring people together and strengthen communities. Collaborative Change and Take Note have a closely aligned vision: to provoke, promote and celebrate extraordinary cross-sector collaborations which have a transformative effect on their communities. 
  • Together, we can capitalise on the momentum and necessity for change prompted by COVID-19,  by bringing existing and new partners together to develop innovative, ambitious projects.

Why do we believe you should work together? 

  • In these times of uncertainty and division, we need to forge and sustain strong connections between each other and across communities and sectors.
  • We have found that organisations working together and co-creating within their communities can amplify social impact, energise participants in new ways and enhance artistic ambition.

About Take Note

Take Note is a catalyst for collaboration, set up to facilitate, support and fund stronger, more impactful, more strategic collaborations delivering arts-for-social-impact projects. Through partnerships, experimentation and evidence-building, we have already delivered Connect Labs for grassroots community projects. The Partner-Up fund builds on our work to further develop a rigorous, accessible approach to collaboration for the whole social-change sector and make our ‘Collaboration Kit’ available to all.

About Collaborative Change

Collaborative Change was set up to celebrate and promote the extraordinary collective responses to the challenges COVID-19 presented around the world. The online catalogue of collaborative examples seeks to inspire and prompt further lasting action, demonstrating the power of new solutions to our many current and future societal challenges. The launch of the new Partner-Up fund is a significant step to encourage this behavioural change. Take Note was one of the first projects uploaded to the Catalogue.


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