ftwork (Footwork Trust) is a charity committed to creating a more socially aware built environment and to strengthening communities



ftwork joins forces with like-minded networks and organisations to

  • initiate innovative ideas for community-led regeneration
  • support and evaluate existing grassroots projects
  • champion collaborative methods of community engagement


social design principles

COVID-19 has prompted a sense of shared identity and revealed both the need and potential for strong communities. To sustain this we must strengthen community networks and ensure development promotes social cohesion. ftwork’s Social Design Principles set out six clear objectives. They are already influencing education and policy and we continue to campaign for industry-wide implementation.

download ftwork's social design principles here

identify and address social needs as a precondition for development and regeneration

protect social infrastructure where it exists and provide for it in all new development

make integration and inclusion the drivers of major planning decisions

give ‘social heritage’ the same value and protection as ‘built heritage’

adopt self-determination as a formal component of a democratic planning process

prevent the displacement of existing communities

taking action

ftwork initiates ideas and collaborations to build social sustainability and stimulate a sense of community

what is ft’work doing now?

View some current projects

Creative Wick Living Lab

a collaboration between local stakeholders, universities and businesses to conduct 'live' research into how social and creative enterprise builds community



Take Note - creating change together

a new methodology for collaboration between small arts organisations to achieve greater collective impact


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