ft'work is a not-for-profit company with a strong ambition – to create thriving communities and to ensure that clear social principles underpin all new development



ft’work collaborates in fostering successful communities by

  • generating and exchanging fresh ideas through shared expertise
  • supporting and evaluating locally grown projects
  • helping to roll out the best ideas elsewhere


taking action

ft'work initiates ideas and activities and collaborates in finding ways to stimulate the growth of community

what is ft’work doing now?

View some featured case studies

Hackney New School

Helping a Hackney school to create an innovative Wellbeing Centre, to provide counselling and support to children and families in its community



Knights Youth Centre

Learning from the success of a South London youth club who have run street, school and community-based programmes for four generations of young people


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What makes communities thrive or fail? There is a wealth of research and detailed evidence